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Service Industries

Professional, Sales and Consulting Businesses

We handle all of your tax compliance and planning needs to allow you to focus on your business.

We provide seamless integration of financial systems to provide relevant, timely information.  This facilitates better cash flow planning and access to quantitative data for informed decision making. 

Apartment Building

Construction/Real Estate

Commercial and Residential

MBH & Associates, Ltd. assists in setting up job costing for tracking site profitability, cost overruns and labor management.

For commercial and residential real estate rental concerns, we can create tracking for rental receipts, repairs and management.

Worker Lifting Cardboard Box

My tax and financial systems guidance can create significant savings in terms of time and money.  Together we can create the most informative financial reports tracking information crucial in decision making for marketing through operations. 

Penalties associated with tax compliance issues can have a huge time and monetary cost.  My firm can relieve the burden of meeting deadlines, responding to tax notices (income tax, payroll tax and other taxing authorities) and keeping abreast of changes.

We are dedicated to providing the most innovative tax planning strategies using the latest information available.  Through keeping abreast with the latest tax rulings and publications we offer a unique approach to minimizing your tax liability while reducing your audit exposure.



Strategic Tax Planning and Preparation


Building Relationships Through Guidance

MBH & Associates, Ltd. cares about your personal and business interests. With tailor-made services at your disposal, I’ll make sure you're paying not a cent more in taxes than you owe. Whether you're starting a business, experiencing expansion or have other needs, I have built my career helping my clients navigate the complexities of tax planning and compliance.

Is the time you spend managing your  tax and accounting needs reducing your ability to focus on your business or the lifestyle you desire? Marcia's background in working with individuals and businesses across a variety of industries has given her a thorough understanding of the elements needed for success and knowledge of what it takes to champion a clients needs.

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